Nature’s own factory

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Nature’s own factory

Nature has created all the most beneficial and interesting things and Nature’s Own Factory carefully transfers its gifts to you. At the heart of the product line for a healthy lifestyle lies a special subspecies of Tartary buckwheat growing in a mountainous area in Taiwan. 

Nature’s own factory was set up in 2017 by best friends Seda Khunkaeva and Anna Khabarova. As well as this close friendship, the company’s foundation was based on the desire to create natural products with a unique flavour. The first product to be launched was a truly unique buckwheat tea, which Seda had tried one day and which had enchanted her from the very first sip of this wonderful drink. The friends searched for real and high-quality tea for a long time, and six months later they found it in the only factory in Taiwan — the only place in the world with such exceptional tea.

They now buy all the factory’s production for Russia. The range gradually expanded and now includes about twenty unique products. Once you taste them you will understand how much love and work went into creating each one of them. After all, true success and love can only be won by a unique product and not through an attempt to copy something that already exists. The women have been guided by this principle throughout their journey and have no intention of stopping. Another important principle is that you can only conquer the world if you love and believe in your creation.

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