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Live Group

Live Group — the largest coffee provider for air travel, has been supplying products to airlines since 2015. Live Coffee is a natural coffee roasted according to the company’s own patented technology. During the roasting process, coffee beans retain their beneficial properties laid down by nature itself. The company produces more than 60 varieties of Live natural coffee. There are both exclusive and expensive varieties of coffee, for example, Blue Mountain, Kopi Luwak, Maragogype, and espresso blends that are suitable for coffee machines or for drinking every day. The main rule and competitive advantage is our consistent highest quality of the product.

Since 2019, Live Tea restaurant collection of original teas has also appeared on boards of aircrafts. 
Other brands of the Live Group company:

— Drive for Life — freeze-dried coffee that combines varieties of Brazilian and Colombian Arabica.
— Arigato — fantastic cookies with an uncompromising combination of taste and low sugar content.
— Le Petit Nuage — an airy dessert based on a unique French recipe.

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