Kvadrat Co., Ltd

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Kvadrat Co., Ltd

Kvadrat Co., Ltd — a young company that, since its foundation in 2013, has become one of the leading importers of healthy snacks in Russia.

Their private label brand «Filipino Sun» is the most famous brand of exotic dried fruits in Russia.This is due to unique recipes and breakthrough technologies which are used in the process of production. The producer’s manufacturing facility is located at the very heart of the Philippine archipelago. 

Such a well-thought-out location allows to receive the freshest fruits from across the country, as well as instantly send finale products to partners through the nearby port or the international airport.

The global brand of nuts «Camel» exclusively works with «Kvadrat» in Russia. «Camel» products are known in 40 countries for their first-class quality of the snacks as well as the packaging. Another defining features are the maximum naturality of their products and the freedom from additives, dyes and preservatives.

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