Unistream Commercial Bank (JSC)

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Unistream Commercial Bank (JSC)

Unistream Commercial Bank (JSC) is one of the key players on the Russian and CIS money transfer markets. The international money transfer system of the same name has been in operation since 2001 and has a wide coverage thanks to its many branches and partners.
Unistream is noted for its favourable tariff options, accessibility and high level of client service. The bank is popular among migrant workers in Russia: they appreciate the opportunity to send money to their families in a secure and efficient way. For their benefit, Unistream has been constantly expanding the network of countries, in which you can receive national currency transfers. At the moment this service is available in Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

The bank is in the constant process of development and implementation of new technologies: Unistream online transfers can be made anywhere in the world. You can send money via the online service website, as well as the mobile app, which has been downloaded almost 200 000 times since its launch. In order to improve the system performance, Unistream offers cards issued specifically for money transfers. Over 100 000 clients in the last two years have enjoyed the low tariffs.

In addition to its main business — money transfers — Unistream Bank provides private and corporate customers with a variety of other convenient and secure services. Unistream gives small enterprises prompt and long-term support. The bank offers SMEs trade acquiring at 0% and rentals of online cash registers and terminals free of charge.

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