News28 октября
China Airlines taste in one box

The COVID-19 pandemic has made adjustments to the service on the flights of the Taiwanese airline China Airlines.

The air carrier entrusted the provision of food safety for air travelers with the "one-tray strategy", according to which the maximum set of meals and snacks is offered to the passenger in a single package. This minimizes contact with the cabin crew and simplifies in-flight hygiene control.

On flights of three or more hours departing from or arriving in Taipei, customers are offered a "hot meal on one tray" that they can use as they wish throughout the journey. On flights of less than three hours, packaged sandwich boxes are provided. Service for complementary beverages such as fruit juice or beer is provided by flight attendants upon individual request, and bottled water is available in all service classes.

“For the health and safety of all guests and employees, we follow the guidelines set by the Taiwan Central Epidemiology Center,” the airline said.

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