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Peach Digital Inflight Service

Peach Digital Inflight Service

Japanese airline, Peach, has co-developed a new inflight entertainment system with Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and TEAC. Named «Digital Inflight Service», the system provides passengers with video-on-demand, a moving map, and an ordering system for inflight shopping, with all services accessed via passengers’ own smartphones or tablet devices.

The inflight servers used are the PortaStream PS-V50 portable streaming server, manufactured by TEAC. According to TEAC, a key function of the server for Peach is that it enables payments to be made even while offline. The technology that enables this capability not only ensures security, but also cuts operational costs, since the inflight server does not require internet connection via satellite. 

The self-ordering service enables passengers to browse, check availability, order and pay for products from the inflight catalogue via their own smart devices without needing to call a cabin attendant

Peach is also working with ABC to produce exclusive content, such as original videos that advertise both the airline’s and the television broadcaster’s perspectives.

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