News13 апреля
Create fashionable hairstyles with the accessories of our partner Ecomstat!



In 2020, Ecomstat began producing a new product for the company — hair bows. The company hopes that such a novelty will be in demand on the Russian market.

How was the new product created? First of all, experts studied the basic needs and expectations of the Russian market. Then, an Ecomstat’s engineer proposed several new product options. So the main product line was formed, which, depending on the needs of the market, will be amended in the future.

Currently, the new line of hair accessories is characterized by floral and abstract motifs using a variety of fabrics and accessories. The company produces bows for girls for every day and for special occasions and holidays, such as, for example, September 1st, birthday, etc.

The Ecomstat company plans to increase productivity and improve product quality by the end of the year. In parallel, it is planned to expand sales channels, making the price more attractive. Currently, hair bows are already available on marketplaces. And you, in turn, will be able to lively appreciate the products of the Ecomstat company at SKYSERVICE 2020!

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