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Сheaping meals on Russian Railways.

Сheaping meals on Russian Railways.

After launch of a pilot project for a new concept of catering on Russian Railways trains, passenger spending on food more than halved.

Elena Rakova, First Deputy Head of the Passenger Transportation Department, said: «The new food concept is designed for an average bill of 650 rubles for two meals and a drink. Previously, the average check was about 1.5 thousand rubles».

Dmitry Pegov, Deputy General Director for Passenger Transportation, said: «We are currently testing the project on four trains. In the first quarter of 2022, we will make the final decision which direction to move».

Russian Railways has decided that restaurant cars will continue to run on tourist and corporate trains, as well as on trains, transporting organized groups of children. On the rest of the trains, they will be replaced by bistro cars with a set of ready-made meals loaded on board before the departure. Dmitry Pegov explained the need for new services by the fact that cooking on board of restaurant cars is associated with risks - this is the storage and maintenance of the quality products, compliance with cooking technologies, the experience of cooks and staff.

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