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Munich breads by Kosher Arabia

Munich breads by Kosher Arabia

Kosher Arabia, Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) venture, one of the first registered and certified producers of kosher food in the UAE, has signed an MOU with Munich Finest Bakery to provide artisanal breads for air-catering, online retail and for wholesale services to hotels, restaurants and caterers across the region.

The artisan breads that are being produced in Kosher Arabia’s kitchens in partnership with Munich Finest Bakery are handmade without compromise to tradition or quality. All breads are made using a long dough fermentation process to develop flavour and structure as well as reduce sugar and gluten levels in the bread. This process is considered by some to be the healthiest way to produce traditional breads without compromising on flavour and texture.

Matt Rickard, general manager of Kosher Arabia said: «Bread is such an important part of tradition it has to be excellent, Munich Finest Bakery bring the knowledge and expertise to this pioneering partnership».

Peter Dinzler, partner in Munich Finest Bakery, said: «Our bread match the quality and taste of those produced by the best kosher bakeries around the world».

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