News05 ноября
LSG Group analyzes the impact of the pandemic

LSG Group, one of the world's leading catering companies, has assessed how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting trends in global food markets.

The company's experts have identified 16 key trends that have developed in the industry with the advent of the "pestilence". Among the most important of them is the growth in the share of "digital food". The digitalization of the catering and food processing industry is offering an expansion of pre-ordering and catering solutions, particularly on board aircraft.

It's not just cost reasons,” explained Frank Theis, LSG Group Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing. - Airlines are interested in offering passengers a more personalized flight experience. Through digitalization, this is compatible with cost savings.

There has been an increase in the demand for packaged foods considered safer. At the same time, strict restrictions and social distancing have led to the popularity of home cooking, often using traditional recipes. Also, proper nutrition has gained relevance as a health factor.

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