News28 октября
Gastronomic comfort in the carriages

Passengers of the British railway company Avanti West Coast will be able to take advantage of the new service, ordering food and drinks right at their seats.

Previously, this service was only available to First class customers. Pendolino trains are currently being tested, in which Standard customers enjoy similar services.

Travelers can connect to the onboard Wi-Fi using their mobile phone, tablet or laptop and then open a dedicated page to select drinks. Payment is made by debit, credit card or PayPal. The order is transferred to the place by the flight attendant.

Avanti West Coast is also testing Click and Collect technology, which allows you to select food and drinks from the spot and then collect them at the cafeteria.

“The new services will enable customers to choose the most convenient way to shop for food and beverages,” said Sara Copley, Chief Commercial Officer of Avanti West Coast. "This innovation gives them even more confidence in their safety during the trip."

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