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Etihad against food waste

Etihad against food waste

As part of a drive to reduce food waste onboard its flights, Etihad Airways has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ‘The Concept’, a UAE-based product development and design company, to research and develop inflight technology that can monitor food consumption.

The Concept is developing NEOS Fly+, which combines Internet of Things-based technology with meal trays. The tray itself is made from ecological materials, including bottles for drinks.

The NEOS Fly+ will enable Etihad to track the consumption of food items served on flights, including detailed information around components and portions of the meal that are not consumed. The data collated will be used to highlight food consumption and wastage patterns across the airline’s network, and will help to reduce food waste, improve meal planning and reduce operating costs.

The NEOS Fly+ project was of interest as its data could help solve an industry-wide food waste problem estimated to add up to around US$3.9 billion per year

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