News23 сентября
En Route International: COVID Will Not Pass

En Route International (UK), an in-flight catering and services company, has launched two premium passenger product lines designed to minimize the threat of coronavirus.

Bakery products - rolls, garlic bread, croissants and Danish pastries, as well as an assortment of three cheeses and side dishes, are individually packaged to withstand heat treatment. The company hopes that this will help instill safety in premium passengers. Products can be decorated with the En Route Baker St brand or airline logo. The packaging is designed to be opened by the passenger himself. It can be used as a cardboard plate, which minimizes contact with the cabin crew.

The company purchases from the best manufacturers in Europe and the USA. Its products meet the different tastes of passengers, budgets and airline needs.

Hamish Cook, CEO of En Route, said: "We are focusing on adapting the service to new passenger behavior as the transition to regular services continues."

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