News23 сентября
«Big Brother» oversees Etihad Airways catering

Etihad Airways, a national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is partnering with Singapore-based food technology startup Lumitics to test a computer-based surveillance system to reduce food waste on its flights.

Insight Lite, developed by Lumitics, tracks unused Economy Class meals after the plane lands at the airport. It can distinguish and identify the types and quantities of unused dishes by foil packaging. Operation does not require operator intervention. The data collected is used to identify patterns in food consumption and loss, which can help reduce food waste, improve flight planning and lower costs.

“The project has great potential to reduce food waste and improve the passenger experience,” said Mohammed Al Buluoki, CEO of Etihad Aviation Group. "It will enable Etihad to plan in-flight catering in a more relevant, efficient and effective way."

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