News11 ноября
Catering Charity

The famous British supplier of catering products for the travel industry, Monty's Bakehouse, not only does not shut down production during the global COVID-19 pandemic, but also finds opportunities for charity.

The company has donated 12,000 food rations to Open Kitchens, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in need in the UK.

Open Kitchens is currently working to provide free food to those left without livelihoods and victims of the COVID-19 outbreak. The 12,000 portions donated by Monty's Bakehouse will be used to help 6,000 victims in the UK, according to charities.

Earlier this year, Monty's Bakehouse donated an additional 6,270 hot meals to Open Kitchens. Throughout the pandemic, she also provides free food to local hospital staff and helps other social organizations. In the British press, this activity of the catering manufacturer is compared to the "mutual assistance of the British during the Second World War."

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