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Uncompromising Camel quality has earned recognition in over 40 countries

Our partner, the Kvadrat company, is the exclusive representative of the Camel brand in Russia.

Camel is the largest and only nut business in Singapore that specializes in delicious and healthy snacks. The Camel assortment is world renowned for its premium quality snacks and packaging. Another distinguishing feature of these products is the maximum naturalness and the refusal to use additives, dyes and preservatives in the manufacture of products.

Camel's uncompromising quality has earned it recognition in over 40 countries worldwide.

Camel constantly monitors the quality of its products, adheres to the principles of maximum naturalness and the rejection of additives, dyes and preservatives, and new technologies allow improving the quality of products and packaging, as well as increasing productivity.

The work of the company is based on one key principle - “Quality is above all”. The brand's products are of high quality and premium, and the price of the company's products is commensurate with the quality level. The variety of flavors has one thing in common: each nut has been carefully grown and carefully selected to bring taste, benefit and pleasure.

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