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Singapore Airlines 40 Dishes

The expansion of the menu was carried out within the framework of the new concept of economy class catering.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) and their subsidiary SilkAir will offer a wider variety of main meals on flights less than 3.5 hours from December 1.

The airline chefs have developed 40 new dishes, including Singaporean specialties: laksa soup, Siamese noodles with gravy and others.

In addition, SIA replaced its plastic tableware with a new eco-friendly set consisting of an airtight main course box, a paper cup, a dessert box and bamboo cutlery. They hold the same amount of food and are more durable, allowing gravies and soups to be stored without dripping. The set is heat-resistant, it can be heated in the oven.

The new catering concept was developed jointly by SIA and the Singapore-based catering company SATS.

SATS General Director of Nutrition, Kerry Mock, said: “We have taken into account the particulars of aircraft nutrition in developing eco-friendly packaging and are pleased to share our culinary experience and knowledge with SIA to make air travel even more comfortable.”

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