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3M: a panacea for the pandemic

Maintaining hygiene on board is one of the most effective solutions.

The pandemic has hit the global air travel industry hard, and the challenge of restoring customer confidence is unprecedented.

US company 3M, known for developing technologies to combat COVID-19, intends to provide technical solutions to help ensure clean aircraft interiors as part of a joint initiative "Travel Safe" with the world leader in aircraft interiors Safran Interior.

Today, passengers choose an airline not only for the safety and comfort of the flight, but also for the hygiene of the cabin,” said Steven Schafer, Vice President of 3M. "3M continues to apply its technology to keep air travelers healthy."

Safran will certify 3M's technology that enhances aircraft cabin cleaning and protection and provides the ability to remove bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Appropriate equipment will be incorporated into the interiors of aircraft during production or when upgrading existing aircraft.

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