LLC Praxis-Ovo

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LLC Praxis-Ovo

For more than 20 years, Praxis-Ovo deals with the production of chicken eggs and egg products in order to improve the quality of eggs produced in Russia to a level that meets international standards.

Many years of work allowed Praxis-Ovo to achieve a leading position in implementation of new advanced technologies for feeding and keeping poultry and in introducing new unique products to the market.

The company offers hard-boiled and peeled  hen’s so as quail eggs, washed and disinfected eggs, smoked hen’s and quail eggs, as well as ready-to-eat deep-frozen omelettes for catering. And for the confectionery, oil and fat, meat and fish processing industries - the whole range of liquid, dry and frozen egg products.

Praxis-Ovo LLC has all the facilities for high-quality storage and timely delivery of its products. We guarantee reliable, uninterrupted, timely deliveries, strict observance of the conditions of storage and transportation of the goods.

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