News14 октября
A robot prepares at KLM

A high-tech robot will be engaged in the production of in-flight catering for economy class (ICA M) flights of KLM airlines at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

KLM President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Albers said that the "smart car" put into operation at KLM Catering Services (KCS) is unparalleled in the world.

The robotic system is designed to reduce shipping costs and simplify the distribution of food trays, which increases the flexibility of the catering system. The company hopes the production rate will double to 30,000 rations a day.

“The decision to develop the system was made several years ago, when we could not imagine the current plight,” said Elbers. “Now we use only a fraction of the 30,000 rations we produce. But I am glad that we have taken this step, it contains the potential for development for the future. "

“It is important to continue to innovate even in these difficult times,” added KCS CEO Maarten Stienen. - Robotization will serve to improve product quality. Today KCS is the only catering company in the world that uses such mechanization. "

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