News28 декабря
Ultraviolet strike on COVID-19

The world's largest air services provider dnata аnd Uveya, a Switzerland-based technology company, had successfully conducted a proof of a new aircraft cleaning concept by ultraviolet rays.

New services to sanitise the cabin was trialled onboard the aircraft of Swiss regional carrier Helvetic Airways.

Uveya’s solution uses ultraviolet-C rays to disinfect the interior of the aircraft, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew. During the cleaning process, an autonomous sterilisation robot emits concentrated ultraviolet light across the cabin. The device can effectively kill over 99% of bacteria and pathogens, such as coronavirus, in the air and on all surfaces in a few minutes, without using any chemicals.

Lukas Gyger, chief operating officer of dnata Switzerland, said: “Our enhanced cabin cleaning services will deliver enhanced safety and efficiency, helping our customers restore confidence in air travel”.

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