News18 ноября
SPIRIANT - true German quality

German airline SPIRIANT, an airline and flight service company, has unveiled the environmentally friendly PureCure food packaging solution.

Food containers are suitable for baking: withstand high temperatures (up to 220 C / 430 F), do not allow moisture and grease to leak.

PureCure containers are made from 100% plant-based materials. Unlike most similar products, they do not contain a thin plastic layer, toxins, metals and are completely decomposed in nature after disposal. Another advantage is that they remain cold to the touch when removed from the oven.

The idea for the new container was inspired by a general change in the industry’s approach towards sustainability, as well as upcoming administrative decisions regarding the many restrictions on plastic on board,” said SPIRIANT.

With the introduction of a special EU Directive, airlines are forced to look for environmentally friendly alternatives for plastic cutlery, and the quality of heat-resistant containers is strictly regulated.

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