News15 июля
RZD changes restaurants to bistros

RZD changes restaurants to bistros

Restaurant cars of Russian Railways (RZD) will become a thing of the past. The company said they would be replaced by bistro cars. It was also decided to abandon cooking in the kitchen of the train. Sterile containers with meals ready-to-eat will be loaded into the bistro car. All that remains is to heat and to serve them.

Thus, standards and prices for food on all trains will be unified. The new menu will include children's and vegetarian dishes, soups, salads, hot meat and fish dishes, desserts. The passenger will be able to order meals both in the bistro car lounge and at his place in the carriage. Organized children's groups will only be fed in the bistro car.

RZD CEO and Chairman of the Board Oleg Belozerov said: “The restaurant car is perceived as something expensive. Restaurant cars will be left only on tourist and branded trains, while in others passengers will be offered a list of dishes that can be quickly warmed up.” The head of the Russian Railways added that the company has already developed a line of catering for bistro cars, and several trains with this type of service have already been launched and are being tested.

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