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RAY, robot for disinfection

RAY, robot for disinfection

Ravn Alaska has introduced RAY, the autonomous robot to disinfect its Dash 8-100 aircraft cabins between flights.

Designed and manufactured by aero hygenx inc. in Canada, with support from De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, the robot emits ultraviolet-C light to provide consistent, sustainable and chemical-free disinfection of cabin air between flights.

RAY delivers high-frequency UVC light that claims to destroy up to 99.9% of pathogens – including the COVID-19 virus. The use of UVC light reduces the need for frequent chemical-based disinfection that could impact aircraft interior surfaces and sensitive equipment, and leave residues that may come into contact with passengers and crew.

“We are enhancing our ability to keep our passengers safe by including the chemical-free disinfection method provided by RAY,” said Rob McKinney, chief executive officer, Ravn Alaska. “We anticipate that RAY will be a valuable asset to our airline and for other airlines around the world.”

Ravn Alaska operates 10 Dash 8-100 aircraft manufactured by De Havilland Canada, is one of the first airlines to utilize the robot on regional aircraft.

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