News21 октября
Restaurant in TKS train carriages

TKS, a Russian private railway company, provides passengers with a variety of meals in accordance with the highest standards.

There are 2 types of cars: with and without prepaid meals, as well as 6 classes of service. Guests are given the opportunity to appoint a set of services themselves en route. The quality of food and service are provided according to a single standard, regardless of the chosen class of service.

“The menu offers healthy and balanced meals,” the company said. - Before cooking, we check the quality of products, all products are subject to mandatory control. Each product is labeled and has nutritional information. "

After departure, the TCS conductor talks about the dishes on the menu, accepts an order and brings dinner and breakfast at a convenient time. Food is served in branded lunch boxes, in SV cars - in ceramic or porcelain dishes. There are different menu options in different directions. The menu in TCS cars necessarily includes: vegetables, cereals, dairy products, cheese, bakery products. There is a baby food option.

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