News18 декабря
PaperWise from cereal husks

Eco-friendly food packaging introduced on Lufthansa economy class flights.

Aircraft service brand SPIRIANT, in partnership with its partners Lufthansa, LSG Sky Chefs and Evertaste, announced that eco-friendly PaperWise packaging for economy class continental and intercontinental flights has finally taken to the skies on Lufthansa's liners.

In keeping with the motto, 'No waste in nature,' PaperWise's packaging materials recycle agricultural waste to prevent the waste of valuable resources,” said the manufacturer.

A special feature of PaperWise is that it has the same properties as regular paper packaging, but is made entirely from agricultural waste. Waste from field crops such as rice, grain and sugar cane is used. The availability of raw materials creates another advantage.

SPIRIANT says PaperWise's innovative manufacturing process can reduce its environmental impact by 47% compared to conventional paper.

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