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Newrest’s new contract in Atlanta

Newrest’s new contract in Atlanta

A new inflight catering contract is launched by Newrest in Atlanta with a leading American airline company. Sources say the Newrest’s partner to be Delta.

Starting the 1st of June, Newrest provides inflight catering services to a major American company from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Beginning with 35 flights per day, the volume will gradually increase to reach 135 flights per day on the 29th of June. Teams aims at serving 200 flights per day in July. By the 13th of July, business class service will be added to the mix. The contract will reach 6500 meals per day during August. The contract is involving domestic flights only.

Newrest’s largest inflight catering production in Atlanta is an improved version of the models built in Salt Lake City and Raleigh-Durham. With 12.000 square meters and 40 trucks, yet, only 30% of its capacity is in use. Newrest foresees the contract success to increase the production.


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