News30 сентября
Buy yourself some Qantas

The airline has announced the sale of 1,000 fully stocked beverage service carts. They were removed from Qantas's recently decommissioned Boeing 747 fleet.

The trolleys are fully stocked with champagne, Australian red and white wines, serving items and an exclusive Qantas First Class Sheridan set. In July, the airline decommissioned its Boeing 747 fleet after nearly 50 years of service, 6 months ahead of schedule due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“These trolleys have served Qantas and our customers well on flights around the world from London and Los Angeles to Singapore and Santiago,” said Phil Capps, Qantas Chief Executive Officer, Products and Services. - Each of them performed about 2000 flights on average. Although they are no longer used, they still have life. They are of value to collectors and those who love beauty".


Qantas mementos are in demand. Regular customers order Qantas Wine and travel kits to enjoy the familiar comfort at home.

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