News21 октября
Hong Kong Express for clean dishes

Hong Kong airline Hong Kong Express plans to launch a line of environmentally friendly containers and utensils for in-flight meals.

Food boxes will be made of bamboo or kraft paper, each product has its own advantages. Kraft paper is durable, chlorine free, and decomposes in weeks. Bamboo does not require pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow, and it has antibacterial properties.

The airline plans to produce cups from PEFC certified PLA coated paper or FSC certified PE coated paper. PLA is a plant-based material made from cornstarch and sugarcane and can decompose within 6 months under high temperature conditions. By choosing products with PEFC or FSC certification, the airline hopes to contribute to the protection of forests.

“At the moment, we may suspend our flights due to the situation with COVID-19,” warned NK Express CEO Mandy Ngae. “But that hasn't stopped us from working hard to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, apply cyclical principles of production and reduce waste.”

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