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Hawaiian Airlines travel tips.

Hawaiian Airlines travel tips.

Hawaiian Airlines announced the launch of their new pre-landing video called Travel Pono in September on transpacific aircrafts. It invites guests to travel responsibility.

Pono means stands for righteousness and balance in the Hawaiian language. The video is designed to educate visitors to Hawaii on how to enjoy the islands safely and responsibly. Five Hawaiian Airlines crewmembers star in the video, including volunteers for search and rescue operations and marine mammal protection, and a cultural practitioner. The crewmembers share advice on ocean and hiking safety, conservation of endangered species and the environment, and cultural and community best practices.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Senior Vice President of Marketing, Avi Mannis, said: «Аs residents of this special place, we are proud to welcome our guests with valuable information that will enrich their experience on the islands while helping protect Hawai’i’s natural resources and our way of life».

The new Travel Pono video will be shown prior to landing on the IFE system and via the wireless streaming function for personal devices. 

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