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ANA’s hands-free lavatory

ANA’s hands-free lavatory

ANA is installing hands-free lavatory doors on 11 Boeing 787-8s, two Boeing 787-9s and eight Boeing 777-200s.  Developed in partnership with Jamco, the doors will help reduce physical contact and the potential spread of pathogens.

The first hands-free doors will be introduced on domestic flights on May 1st, and they are designed to reduce physical contact and limit the potential spread of pathogens.  The doors are equipped with a large inner door locking knob and an additional handle so customers can use their elbows to lock the door.  Since the door is a new design, ANA has installed signage with operational instructions near the lavatory.  The company hopes to introduce the doors on all international and domestic aircraft in the future.

ANA’s Senior Vice President – Customer Experience and Management Planning, Shinichi Inoue, said: “We have continued to invest in the development and implementation of innovative technologies because the health and safety of passengers and our staff is the top priority”.

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