News11 ноября
COVID will not get on board!

To date, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not confirmed a single case of COVID-19 transmission on airplanes.

A study by scientists from the School of Public Health. Tana Chan of Harvard University, has shown that the tiered approach to aircraft handling, adopted by some US airlines to protect customers and employees from COVID-19, has been successful. The risk of infection during air travel is very low.

"The risk of transmitting COVID-19 on board an aircraft is lower than for other daily activities during a pandemic, such as grocery shopping or eating out," the Harvard researchers concluded. “Implementing these tiered risk mitigation strategies requires passengers and airlines to comply with regulations, but helps ensure that air travel is as safe or even safer than the daily activities of people.

The use of masks, rigorous cleaning protocols and advanced ventilation and filtration systems on aircraft provide effective protection against coronavirus.

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