News18 ноября
COVID-19 changes passengers

83% of air passengers are confident that they will not return to their previous travel habits after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the result of a global passenger poll commissioned by the international satellite communications company Inmarsat. The study was conducted among 9,500 respondents from 12 countries and became the largest since the beginning of the pandemic.

While the majority of passengers (60%) are satisfied with the aviation industry's response to the "plague of the 21st century," it was found that 41% of them expect to travel less by any means, and 31% plan to fly less. But there are early signs that travelers are regaining confidence: 47% of those surveyed expect to be ready to fly within the next six months.

The respondents answered that they are more afraid of contracting the virus abroad than on the plane. In general, they feel confident about servicing on board and interacting with flight attendants, but they are less comfortable using the toilet during the flight and being in close proximity to other people. They see salvation in social distancing and digitalization of the service.

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