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Collins Aerospace UV cleaning light

Collins Aerospace UV cleaning light

Collins Aerospace has developed Lilac-UV, an ultraviolet lighting option that can sanitise aircraft interiors nearly anywhere a light is installed inside a cabin. The lamps emit what the company describes as a «slight» violet light that disinfects the illuminated surfaces within seconds or minutes, depending on the lamp configuration and the specific pathogen affected.

The system can be applied in lavatories, flight decks, cargo bays and throughout the cabin, and has an intelligent dosage controller that can be set for scheduled cleanings or manual applications during or between flights. The system also has an occupancy detector for enclosed spaces, to ensure that areas such as the airplane lavatory are only subjected to UV when a passenger is not present

«Our design allows for installation anywhere in the cabin, with minimal or no hardware design changes, enabling users to switch to a higher power lamp or change the number of lamps based on application», said Bridget Sheriff, vice president of engineering at Collins Aerospace.

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