Sky LevelSchool

A school for flight attendants with a modern teaching method to improve the quality of airline service.



The training will take place during two days. On the first day, sales training will take place, on the second - trainings from opinion leaders and media persons. Flight attendants will be able to gain knowledge and skills in the field of conflict management, personal growth, sales techniques and team building. Trainings will be conducted by Sky Level School specialists who have developed unique teaching methods.
A feature of the training is specialization in trade services on board the aircraft - the advice received during the training is applicable in the work of a flight attendant.
The training consists of 60% practice, and will cover 5 topics: Loyalty, Product Knowledge, Attention to the Customer, Emotional Intelligence and the 5 secret element that will help flight attendants to provide the highest level of shopping service. 
On the first day, from 11:00 to 18:00, the theoretical part will be presented, with the maximum involvement of flight attendants in the training process, using interactive games and tasks in each of the five training blocks.
The result of the training will be the rewarding of the flight attendant teams that showed the best results during the training in the nominations for each training block: Product knowledge, Attention to the client, Loyalty, Sales. There will also be selected the teams of the year that have managed to prove themselves as real professionals and sales leaders on board!


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