Jaime Vazquez Rodriguez
Executive Chef, Gategroup (Spain)
About person

Jaime Vazquez Rodriguez works as an Executive Chef in Gategroup, a worldwide company which is always pushing for a consistent execution, which is the only way to be successful.

He loves and enjoys creating new menus for the Airlines, through a constant searching of new concepts with the fresher, newer and tastier ingredients, using them in different cooking methods which he has learnt from the different travels around the world; always with the focus on a well-balanced offer according to the seasonability.

Chef Jaime Vazquez Rodriguez has been working for Gategroup since 2014, with one commitment: his constant support for the airline companies in order to bring the best food to the passengers, that is their accomplishment, that is their strategy for execution: working as one team, one gategroup.

Before this job, he worked in the i+D department for the biggest Restaurant organization in Spain during 8 years, Grupo Zena, having under its umbrella very well-known and famous brands: Foster´s Hollywood, Domino´s Pizza, La Vaca Argentina, Burger King, Il Tempietto, etc., where Chef Jaime Vazquez Rodriguez designed the menus for the different brands, always having into consideration the operation in the kitchens, having the aim of putting best food in the table of their customers.

Before that stage, he has worked more than 8 years as a Chef in several restaurants, two of them with 5 stars, with top quality menus and a fully respect for the product and cooking techniques.


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